The minor change mainly on the van. I change the design of the front grill of it at the same time as an apron of the lower bumper becomes the bumper unitary fashion. The diesel car changes the engine to the 5L type of 3.0L in idling regulation in 1998, and the gasoline-powered car of the van commuter adapts to long-term regulation in 1997. Super GL changes the seat place and makes a driver's seat air bag, ABS standard features, and gasoline 2WD car (only as for the AT) is added newly again (I set it optionally, and the seat next to the driver air bag was optional again, too, and the driver's seat air bag, the ABS was added to other grade). Intensive door lock operation allows the wagon from the seat next to the driver except DX.
The Toyota Hiace was changed wagon minor for in 1999. The diesel car adopts an intercooler to an engine in idling regulation in 1998 and the gasoline-powered car adapts to regulation in 1998. A front part becomes slightly long. In addition, the emblem of the Hiace of the vehicle front revived after an interval of six years. The interior decoration changes the instrument panel and sets Opti Tron meter and accessories outlet newly. The MT car is abolished by a domestic lineup. As for the van, rediae ace is added to sisters car.
I add a 2.4L gasoline engine, 2RZ-E type to a CD and a super long van and a commuter to a van gasoline-powered car.